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BRIDE $150

Consultation is included in this price.


$100 will be due on the consultation date.

No commitment of any kind is required, unless the bride is completely satisfied with the consultation!


Refund of the $100 consultation fee is NOT available if my services are not booked.

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Trial is also available on the same day as the bride’s consultation. 
$100 fee also applies


$85 per person

$50+ per Junior Bridesmaid (age 15 or younger; pricing can vary)


Services provided for more than 7 individuals only available with preparation time slots of 4 hours or more


Makeup artists assistant may be arranged for larger groups – additional cost may apply

Eye Makeup Application Only $50
For those who would like to apply their own foundation, blush, lipstick, etc.


False Eyelash Application -$25Additional charge

*A $50 travel fee will be added to final total, when travel over 30 miles is necessary (this applies to both the consultation and event date, each.)*

Need a Hair Stylist? Looking to get Lash Extensions? Just ask... I have Stylist referrals for days...!

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