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Update, Overhaul, RE-new

I find great joy in helping women build (what I call) a makeup ‘Wardrobe.’

Throughout my career I have found that makeup and skincare consultants really do not exist (unless you’re a famous Youtuber, etc). When you approach a makeup counter, you may find a salesperson who will give great advice. You may learn some great tricks. However, the reality is, that the salesperson is also there to sell you as much as they possibly can to earn their commission.

When booking a beauty makeup consultation with Faccia Bella, my only concern is to streamline your daily
routine - or beef it up, if you want to go glam all of a sudden! I tailor my services to your needs.

Many people carry around and use way too many products. It is amazing how much we tend to overdo (well… everything). A quick ‘Wardrobe’ makeover, and a few easy tricks can really simplify a
daily regiment. For me, this is never about selling a product (I do not work for any brand). It is
about showing women how to more effectively use what they already own, trash what they no
longer need, and design for them a personalized new routine, and look.

This is what the Personal Makeup, Beauty Consultation is all about. If you need an hour, I give an hour.
If you need four, I can give you four. If you need someone to hold your hand, and cover your
eyes (after sanitizing, of course, #therona) while you throw out those old, gross standby products
you’ve been going back to for 15 years… then so be it!


I also offer personal shopping, where it may apply, for super busy businesswomen, moms who are stretched thin, and old folks who may not be able to (or, feel comfortable) getting out.


Basic package $150

Includes up to 2 hours of consulting


Complete Personal Consultation $250+

Duo Consultation $175+

  • Includes all services described on the Consulting page

  • Includes travel time of up to 30 miles

  • One additional person may be invited to join on the consultation day -equal services will be available to that person for the $175 discounted price (offering a savings to both clients)

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