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Makeover/Host Party

Get your friends together for a glamorous gathering where everyone gets a makeover, with one of our beauty consultants. 


How it works:

  • Minimum participation of 3 individuals total (including host)

  • Maximum participation of 8 individuals total suggested for the full enjoyment of all involved

  • Host invites guests to participate in a fun makeover party - host and guests bring their current, daily makeup products; Our beauty consultant helps each person sift through the old, suggests new products and teaches new tricks

  • Products are merely suggested by Faccia Bella; 

  • Personal shopping available for additional charge (pricing will vary depending on the needs of the client)



2 or 3 Individuals $100 each

4 or 5 Individuals - $90 each

6 or 7 Individuals - $80 each


(all prices exclude the host/hostess)

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